SERVICES - STAGE 2 COMPANY (Owner's Comp ranges from $250k to $1M)

What defines a STAGE 2 company is that the business has moved beyond the “go-go” stage of a startup company to emerging stability. The development of controls and metrics for measurement lay the foundation for maintaining consistent profitability.

Key Components of a STAGE 2 Company:

  • CFO Advisory a must–no longer just a good idea
  • Management Structure & Delegation
  • Forecasting & Planning
  • Job Costing, Expense Controls & Metrics for Measurement
  • Cash Flow Pro Forma & Analysis
  • Loan Acquisition & Banking Relationships

For the annual cost of one mid-range employee, you get a team of people at Resolution to provide a myriad of CFO Advisory Services. This is a must if you are going to continue down the pathway of increased profits & stability.

Opportunities to Pursue in STAGE 2:

SETTING GOALS – Setting goals and measuring against those goals is no longer a good idea but a MUST- a standard practice that needs to be tended to consciously and consistently.

CFO OVERSIGHT – CFO Oversight takes on a different dimension. Little wins and little “bummers” can now mean lots of dollars. Oversight moves from a good idea to a necessity in STAGE 2.

FORECASTING & PLANNING – Resolution can provide the full range of services to work with the CEO and their team to build a detailed forecast that includes a cash flow pro forma to accurately predict the need for cash.

With CFO insight that translates into CFO oversight, your company can increase profitability and stability in STAGE 2. The team at Resolution will give you the peace of mind that comes from timely reporting and an understanding of the ‘backside’ of your business.

Increased Profits Increased Peace of Mind

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