SERVICES – STAGE 1 COMPANY (Owner's Comp ranges from $0 to $250k)

What defines a STAGE 1 company is that the owner’s comp has not yet reached $250k. The STAGE 1 phase does not necessarily mean it is a startup company as the company may be many years old.

Key Components of a STAGE 1 Company:

  • Growing the Customer Base
  • Refining Products & Services
  • Obtaining a Level of Profitability & Stability
  • Monitoring Cash Flow
  • Developing Protocols & Controls
  • Forecasting & Planning are Emerging Core Principals
  • Setting Goals & Measuring against Goals often Nonexistent or Not Consistent
Opportunities to Pursue in STAGE 1:

SETTING GOALS – Implement the standard practice of setting goals and measuring against those goals to increase profitability and stability.

FORECASTING & PLANNING – Resolution provides the full range of services to work with the CEO and their team to build a detailed forecast that includes a cash flow pro forma to accurately predict the need for cash.

CFO OVERSIGHT – CFO Oversight moves from a luxury to a necessity if you are going to reach the ceiling of STAGE 1 Compensation ($250k) and position the company to move into STAGE 2.

Without this CFO insight that translates to CFO oversight the chances of successfully moving into STAGE 2 are greatly reduced and can put the company at risk.

Increased Profits Increased Peace of Mind

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