“Bookkeeping is not Accounting and Accounting is not Bookkeeping!”

One of the most common mistakes companies in early stages of growth make is to create inaccurate Profit & Loss Statements—which are often produced by a bookkeeper. It is crucial to the survival and success of a company to have accurate and timely financial statements produced by a professional who understands the principles of accounting. Simply stated, that person should not be a bookkeeper; he or she should be an accountant.

One solution: Resolution Accounting can provide oversight and consulting for your in-house accountant or a dedicated Resolution accountant to oversee your bookkeeping and accounting functions.

To achieve increased profitability, most small business owners recognize that they need to produce accurate monthly financial statements on a consistent and timely basis. They also know they need detailed business plans that include Sales, Margins, Expenses, a Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Analysis.

Other areas that need constant attention include job costing, cost analysis per product line, inventory turn management, and loss control—to name just a few. These functions are essential to maintain profitability and stable growth, and they begin and end with accurate accounting methodologies and controls.

Resolution Accounting assists with all of these functions by providing dedicated accountants or by providing consulting and oversight for your in-house accountant. In addition to Accounting Services, other services we offer, include, bookkeeping and CFO oversight.

We’re not like other accounting firms, we want to see your business grow and flourish.

Increased Profits Increased Peace of Mind

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