In almost all start up companies, the CEO usually has the additional responsibility of fulfilling the role of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer). The CEO is always the visionary and usually the lead salesperson, but often struggles with the complexities of the financial role of CFO. Some experts have said that a good CFO is just as valuable as the CEO in the early years of a business’s growth. In most early stage companies, there is simply not enough volume to support the salary of a full-time CFO. The challenge is that without this valuable CFO oversight, many companies can flounder and fail or struggle to get to the next stage of profitability.

WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? – Consider outsourced part-time CFO Advisory Services on an as needed basis. Resolution Accounting can provide a team of professionals who will handle the range of higher-level financial services for less than the annual cost of one mid-range employee.

CFO ADVISORY SERVICES – Resolution provides a full range of outsourced CFO Services to assist in managing the many financial moving parts of your business:

  • Margin management by product line
  • Expense controls
  • Job costing analysis
  • Forecasting & Planning
  • Inventory turns
  • Cash flow analysis

Resolution will tailor a cost-effective plan by allocating certain tasks to our bookkeepers and experienced small business accountants so your CFO Advisor can work with your or your CEO on the most important tasks at hand.

Increased Profits Increased Peace of Mind

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