Resolution has been handling our account for over 10 years. They implemented controls and systems so that I always have accurate monthly financial statements. Remote access allows us to work successfully together even though we are out of state. With their help I continue to have peace of mind in managing my business.

Gina and I have been working together for almost 20 years. She and her team taught me how to work with AccountEdge and how to interpret and understand my financials. I have a sense of being on solid ground in running my business knowing that I can rely on these reports. The guidance from Resolution has proven to be invaluable.

Elizabeth Porter, Owner – Garden Works, LLC

Resolution handled all of our bookkeeping and accounting needs for a number of years. They helped us institute systems to monitor and control costs. This was invaluable as we continued to win more contracts, which meant more jobs to manage cost and monitor profit margin. With their approach to cost accounting and controls, we grew to the point where we needed a full-time accounting manager. Resolution was instrumental in giving us a better understanding of the financial side of our business in the early stages of growth.

We have partnered with Resolution in a number of areas to help grow our Landscape Contracting business. We have most recently incorporated their CFO advisory services to help manage our margins and set up equipment cost recovery methods. What we have accomplished in just a few months time has helped us along the path as we make some long term changes in order to scale the business. Our ultimate goal is grow the business substantially and with increased profitability. Having them partner with us is very helpful.

Justin Bates, Bates Landscaping
We moved from a complete paper system to the AccountEdge accounting package with the assistance of Resolution Accounting’s experienced accounting staff. They made the process easy to implement. Our tax accountant is thrilled to be receiving accurate financial reports for tax planning and preparation.
John Corman, Cottman Corporation
We use Resolution’s part-time bookkeeping services to maintain an accurate set of books. The production of timely monthly financials by their accounting staff gives me a peace of mind about the financial side of my business I never knew was possible. My time has been freed up to do the things I love the most – meet with my clients and grow my business.
Jon Wright, The Wright Agency